Photo by Melissa Mullen
Abby Johnston started Upala Press  as a publishing company over a decade ago. She has been involved in the publishing industry as an author, illustrator, book designer, and consultant. Her work is featured in publications ranging from fine art and craft to children's stories.
More recently, Abby has turned her focus toward photographing jewelry and fine crafts. A graduate of the Metalsmithing & Jewelry program from Maine College of Art, Abby knows what makes a creative expression authentic and compelling. She brings this sensibility to her photographic work that can be seen in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world.
As a 2Degrees Portland Connector and committee member of TEMPOart, Abby is committed to sharing and supporting the arts community in and around Portland. And when Abby isn't networking and capturing images of fine hand work, you might find her messing around in her extensive organic garden, experimenting in the kitchen, or exploring the great northeast.