Re-introducing Michael David Brown


Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English, strength, skill, from Old english craeft; akin to High German kraft strength.

Date: before the 12th century

1: skill in planning, making, or executing: dexterity

2: an occupation or trade requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill

Michael David Brown is one of my favorite persons in the world for his devotion to his craft. He has been away from the manic pace of a commercial artist for decades now, but the world within him is still crowded with landscapes and his perceptions of humanity in all its glory and fallibility.

He has said to me that it is his his job to know the color or shape of one’s eyes and to be able to capture them in a line or two—accurately. That takes skill. That takes strength of visual awareness. But, I think he has something else that transcends ordinary vision. Beyond his disciplined practice of seeing, Michael has developed a deeply grooved path from his mind to his hand, with which, he faithfully produces engaging and inspired work.

In addition to his manual dexterity, Michael has a sense of humor so finely tuned that somehow he is able to assign humor to just about any unassuming and unlikely inanimate object. That, in itself, is a skill indeed!

I am delighted that Upala Press has partnered with Michael Brown at this pivotal point in his creative life. It is my hope that you will enjoy the fresh and approachable work that Michael Brown is currently producing. Check back often and keep in touch! We always look forward to your comments.

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